Buildabot 'Revolution' 3d Printer Kit

Buildabot 'Revolution'  3d Printer Kit
Buildabot 'Revolution'  3d Printer Kit Buildabot 'Revolution'  3d Printer Kit Buildabot 'Revolution'  3d Printer Kit Buildabot 'Revolution'  3d Printer Kit
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If you can build Meccano or Lego, then a Buildabot 3d Printer kit is for you! 

Ideal for Home, School, or the Workplace; 3d Printing with a Buildabot 3d Printer is an ideal way to take a 3d design or idea from concept to reality.

All Buildabot 3d Printers feature:

  • Tough Aluminium easy-to-assemble chassis;
  • Safe, clean, non toxic 1.75mm PLA bioplastic build material;
  • 0.35mm nozzle for precise printing;
  • Machined T2.5 Pulleys and belts for accuracy;
  • A choice of Open Source software (Cura supplied);
  • Stainless steel hardware;
  • Excellent build and print quality


Who needs one?

3d Printers are being used by many different people - If you are a Designer, Artist, Engineer, Jewellery Maker, Musician, Cook (custom pastry cutters are big!) a Hobbyist or even a Biochemist, a Buildabot will change your world!


What can I make with it?

From simple repairs around the home, like coat hooks, cupboard latches or a replacement part for your vacuum cleaner;  to model toys and engineering prototypes, a Buildabot is a dream come true - it is your own personal desktop factory!


How do I use it?

  1. Either create or download a 3d file from one of the emerging online libraries (*.stl format) 
  2. Open the file in the (supplied) software - this will slice the 3d data into slices, and create toolpaths
  3. Choose a colour of Bioplastic filament, and start printing!


Your Buildabot 3d Printer will then follow the toolpaths you have just generated, drawing each one in plastic on the build table.

After drawing a complete layer, the build table lowers, and your Buildabot will start drawing the next layer.

Upon completion, you are left with a solid three dimensional object!


 Create your dreams!


Buildabots are Tough! All Buildabot 3d Printers feature a Tough Aluminium Chassis for strength, T2.5 Pulleys for accuracy, Stainless Hardware for longevity, and a Rugged Attitude.

Make a change; Join The Revolution:

- The Buildabot Revolution



Buildabot 3d Printers are powered by and share electronics in common with Reprap machines, allowing you to tap into the same great community support and development at! 

The open source software is constantly being improved by enthusiasts. Your machine will always be current and up-to-date! 

In Kit form or completely assembled, York3dPrinters take pride in making sure that everyone who purchases a Buildabot 3d Printer kit ends up with a working machine - that will pass the test of time!


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Solution Graphics


Name Buildabot
Type Revolution
Version 0.7
Packed as: Self Assembly Kit
Build Envelope 210w x 210d x 160h mm
Chassis Overall Footprint 390(w) x 285(d) x 530(h) mm. Overall: 390(w) x 440(d) x530(h) Including table overhang.
Filament 1.75 mm PLA Bioplastic
Layer 0.2 mm * (layers of 0.1mm achievable)
Nozzle Aperture 0.35 mm
Weight 10 KG
Chassis Aluminium Plate
Linear Shafts Stainless
Plastic PLA Bioplastic
Screws & Fittings Stainless Steel
Power & Drive
Power Supply 240v ATX 550W
Cable Type UK* ask about Euro lead
Nozzle Heater 12v, 20W
Stepper 5 x OSM Nema 17
Stepping 1/16th
Stepper Drivers Genuine Pololu
Interface USB
Lighting Led strip
End Stops Microswitch
Cooling Fans 3: PSU, Extruder, Chassis
Led Indicators Nozzle, Heated Bed
Motherboard Reset Switch Yes, external
Linear Bearings LM8UU
Pulleys T2.5 Machined Aluminium; 16tooth pulley; grub screw; 5mm shaft fit
Belts T2.5 Open ended belt approx 1800mm total
Slicing Cura 12.08 recommended, but any open-source slicing software should work. eg. slicr/repetier/skeinforge
Printing Printrun (recommended) ...or any open source software suitable for RepRap - Repetier etc
Firmware Type / Version Marlin RC1
Operating system Windows, Mac and Linux *
USB cable Yes
Starter Filament 10 metres to get you started
  • Stepper Motors
  • Linear Bearings
  • T2.5 Pulleys © 2017